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We provide 

psychological assessments and consultation for youth of all ages. 

Arizona Pediatric Assessment Center

Office Location:

2730 S. Val Vista Drive

Suite 187

Gilbert, AZ 85297

What Can We Help With?

Developmental and Autism Spectrum

Developmental assessments are for young children when considering primary areas of cognitive, social, and emotional development. Autism assessments  include cognition, behavior, social communication, social emotional and adaptive functioning.

Intellectual, Academic, and Psychoeducational

Intellectual, Academic and Psycho-educational assessments provide an understanding of learning and intellectual ability as it applies to school, home, and work. Potential and actual achievement are compared to gain information about an individual's unique learning style.  

Mood and Behavioral Treatment Planning

Full assessments are comprehensive and include mood and behavioral symptoms severity. These assessments assist with providing a better understanding of complex dynamics, diagnostic clarity, assistance with treatment planning, and better coordination of care among providers. 

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE's)

We are a preferred vendor for many families and frequently complete IEE's through local Arizona school districts.  We help you navigate this process in a timely manner.

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