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You've likely been referred to this site by someone who has expressed concerns about your child's development and growth or you may have found this site on your own.  Either way, I want you to know that I get the journey you are on has not been easy and that you are invested in the well being and success of your child.  I have dedicated my professional career to using psychological assessments to guide your child's treatment and success with interventions.  You are an expert on your child and my job is to identify your child's strengths and areas of growth to ensure their success. Together, you and I will work as team to develop the best road map for your child. 

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About Dr. Griffiths

Dr. Griffiths has a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in children and families, and is licensed through the AZ Board of Psychologists Examiners. 

Dr. Griffiths has extensive experience providing comprehensive assessments for children in a variety of settings and circumstances to include adoption placement for children in residential care, qualifications for disability services for autism and intellectual disability, independent education evaluations, coordination of treatment across providers, a severity of serious mental illness.  Dr. Griffiths was most recently a faculty professor where she was chair of the assessment committee and taught several courses in psychological assessment.

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